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|PROJECT               = 
 |BANNER_NAME          = {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}
 |listas = {{{listas|}}}


|HOOK_NESTED           = <!--
  |tf 1={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_1_LINK           = 
  |TF_1_NESTED         =   
  |tf 2={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_2_LINK           = 
  |TF_2_NESTED         =  
  |tf 3={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_3_LINK           = 
  |TF_3_NESTED         =  
  |tf 4={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_4_LINK           = 
  |TF_4_NESTED         =  
  |tf 5={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_5_LINK           = 
  |TF_5_NESTED         =  
  |tf 6={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_6_LINK           = 
  |TF_6_NESTED         =  
  |tf 7={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_7_LINK           = 
  |TF_7_NESTED         =  
  |tf 8={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_8_LINK           = 
  |TF_8_NESTED         =  
  |tf 9={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_9_LINK           = 
  |TF_9_NESTED         =  
  |tf 10={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |TF_10_LINK          = 
  |TF_10_NESTED        = 


{{subst check|{{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}}}

This hook allows the display of up to ten extra "/ link" tags for taskforces. It is commonly used with {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/taskforces}}. It should be attached to the |HOOK_NESTED= hook. The parameters and their definitions are the same as in the standard implementation: see the documentation for more details.