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|PROJECT               = 
 |BANNER_NAME          = {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}
 |listas = {{{listas|}}}


}} <!--
 |cat 1={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_1      = 
 |cat 2={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_2      =   
 |cat 3={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_3      =   
 |cat 4={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_4      =   
 |cat 5={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_5      =   
 |cat 6={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_6      =   
 |cat 7={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_7      =   
 |cat 8={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_8      =   
 |cat 9={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_9      =   
 |cat 10={{{**PARAMETER**|}}}
  |CAT_10     =   



This hook allows you to add up to ten optional categories, that will be added to a page if a particular parameter is defined. Each category will be added if the corresponding parameter is non-empty. This template displays no visible output, so it can be put anywhere in the template code; common practice is to put it at the end.