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Usage[edit source]

{| {{Uzbek/Table|(Grammar/Vocabulary/Dialogue)|(English Title in Caps)|
(Uzbek title - first letter in caps only)|(audio file size or 0)|number of columns)|
audio file name if nonstandard, or multiple audio links (optional)}}
(table contents)

Examples[edit source]

  • Stanadrd audio name, audio uploaded:
{| {{Uzbek/Table|Verb|sein|to be|103|2}} 
! Singular||Plural, etc...
Uzbek Verb • Table • Gnome-speakernotes.pngaudio (info •103 kb • help)
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg sein to be
Singular Plural, etc...

  • Standard audio name, no audio uploaded:
{| {{Uzbek/Table|Vocabulary|Shopping|Einkaufen|0|2}}
|To Go Shopping||Buying Goods 
Uzbek Vocabulary • Table • Gnome-speakernotes.pngaudio (upload)
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Shopping Einkaufen
To Go Shopping Buying Goods
Example Example

  • Multiple audio files:
{| {{Uzbek/Table|Vocabulary|School|Schule|258 + 205|2|audio: [[media:French-Vacances7.ogg|One]]
|The Airport||Baggage
Uzbek Vocabulary • Table • Gnome-speakernotes.pngaudio: OneTwo (258 + 205 kb • help)
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg School Schule
The School Classes