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This template displays the various programming language skill levels associated with a particular programming language, the syntax for adding a userbox to one's user page to indicate one's skill level, and also provides links to jump to a particular skill level in the resulting listing of users proficient in that programming language.


{{Usersprogram|language}} where "language" corresponds to the language code listed at Wikibooks:Userboxes/Programming.



produces the following:

This category sorts Perl programmers by expertise (1 = expert, 2 = advanced, 3 = intermediate, 4 = beginner).

Code Result Sort number
{{programming language|perl|4}}
perl-4 This user is an expert programmer in Perl.
1 = expert
{{programming language|perl|3}}
perl-3 This user is an advanced programmer in Perl.
2 = advanced
{{programming language|perl|2}}
perl-2 This user is an intermediate programmer in Perl.
3 = intermediate
{{programming language|perl|1}}
perl-1 This user is a beginning programmer in Perl.
4 = beginner