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This template is used (primarily in infoboxes) to create unbulleted lists using the correct HTML mark-up using CSS to hide the bullets. Up to 50 entries are supported. Each item in the list may have styles added to it individually, by appending a numbered parameter. The parameter li_style1 formats the first item, li_style2 the second, and so on.


{{Unbulleted list|entry1|entry2|entry3}}
{{Unbulleted list|entry1|entry2|entry3|li_style1=css-style-a;css-style-b;|li_style3=css-style-x;css-style-y;}}


Code Result
{{Unbulleted list|entry1|entry2|entry3|entry4|entry5|entry6|entry7|entry8|entry9}}
  • entry1
  • entry2
  • entry3
  • entry4
  • entry5
  • entry6
  • entry7
  • entry8
  • entry9
{{Unbulleted list|Winner|Runner-up|Third place|li_style1=background-color:#FE2;|li_style2=background-color:#DDD;}}
  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • Third place
{{Unbulleted list| |entry2|entry3}}
  • entry2
  • entry3
{{Unbulleted list|entry1| |entry3}}
  • entry1
  • entry3
{{Unbulleted list|entry1|entry2| }}
  • entry1
  • entry2
{{Unbulleted list|entry1| | }}
  • entry1
{{Unbulleted list| |entry2| }}
  • entry2
{{Unbulleted list| | |entry3}}}
  • entry3
{{Unbulleted list| | | }}}

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