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You've clicked on a Link Stub!

This is a default message page on Wikibooks site indicating a link is planned but the url has moved, or has not been located, but it's linkage to another web site is planned! Pardon us for mis-directing you into this 'trap page' with our intended link whilst these Trainz pages are being revised and updated. Apologies. Check back later...

This message indicates
  • The URL linked as '2nd argument' is missing a proper URL in the calling line you clicked on! That link will look like:
{{TrainzLinkNeeded||some title for the link}} 

Or might be:

{{TrainzLinkNeeded|3=Old-Bad-Url|| some title for the link}}

If you'd like to help, and know how to find the missing url then

  1. Please find the proper web page link and copy the url into your cut buffer
  2. In the section you clicked, edit the line using the template "{{Trainz_Link_Needed||" to instead call the template 'plain link' after adding the proper first argument Url to the topic.
    1. Your replacement/fixup front end should then read: "{{plain link|The URL you found pasted here<noiwki>|"</nowiki>.
    2. The fixed link then will say:

"{{plain link|The URL you found pasted here|The title you clicked on}}"

Thank you for your time and consideration to others by helping us improve this Wikibook for all!

For further information about this page see: This documentation page.