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Template documentation[edit] [history] [purge]


  • The first parameter is the text inside the box. If the box also contains template calls, you might need to express this as | 1= some text
  • image (optional) : the image to be used.
    • Adapted from {{textBox}} but totally rewritten since in table form as a more robust template with default formatting.
Some optional parameters that can be adjusted
Note: most should be left as is, unless using the template as a sub-template as {{TRS-warning}} did with this.
Note as well: this is a double table wrapper around inner table with image and text areas, and these parameters below do not give you full control! Parts of each table are As Is!
  1.  AS - defaults to vaporware, this can be used to add any HTML style element(S) inside the Table wrapper, such as font-family, font-face, font-size, width, etc.
    Situated at the end of the style string, most browsers will interpret it last, and so it may override preceding element parameters.
  2.   B - border:2px solid blue (is the default)
  3. BG  - (background), of the main text window
  4. BG2 - (background, #dfdfdf), of the Framing Table, defaults to a light blue-grey
  5. CLR - defaults to clear:left
  6. FLT - float: left is default
  7. M  - margin: 0px 2px of the inner table text box, different margin from the following.
  8. ML & MR - margin-left:0 and margin-right:0.2% respectively (shown with defaults) for the bounding / outer table element.
  9. MW  - max-width:96% (default value again) -Hint: 50% works well on small monitors nested beside a right side element like an image.
    The outer table bounds and forces the text box and image table to stay inside it. Another adjustment should be unnecessary for the inner and outer widths could then be mismatched.
  10.   P - padding:2px (default) of the outer wrapper table.