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Purpose and usage

This page is common boilerplate for redirect templates.

  1. To use, transclude the template in a See Also section at page bottom of the documentation.
  2. The template will auto-categorize pages it is placed upon to category:Trainz redirect templates unless the parameter inhibit is defined.
    • Use the inhibit mode in /doc pages for any redirect templates using the documentation autocalls system
    • This mode also allows the template to be used directly in redirect pages as an axillary auto-categorizing template. In such cases, if other redirect classed templates are also on the redirect line, they should be before the {{Trainz-redirect templates|sort=pipetrick}} call.

When 'brief' is undefined, the expanded list looks like the below:


  • Template:R is TRS-title - Pages created from redlinks, with titles worthy of topic coverage all there own. Such redirects add to the To-Do list category: Trainz title name needed. Many such pages should redirect initially to the glossary or Notations appendices with a paragraph explaining the topic, or such other article page or section as provides some basic coverage of the topic.







  • Template:R to TRS-sect - for when the redirect is a searchable title, but topic coverage is in the section of a page.



  • Template:R to TRS-ver - Pages redirecting short colloquial usages for Trainz versions to formally named release page about the product.


Invisible templates that may be placed as if a redirect page or on a targeted article page:


Forms somewhat or wholly depreciated:

  • Template:R from Trainz alternative name - for pages which have been given 'better' (more searchable) names or aliased for easing searching. This is used for page aliased names where both are in the Trainz/subpage_name form, or the page is a general knowledge page that does not neatly fall into a book division such as AM&C, references, etcetera, versus target pages where the text is a subpage of those divisions.


  • Template:R from Trainz - auto-categorized Trainz Wikibooks redirect terms into the auto-Category: redirects from Trainz pages. This was the original redirect template, whose use is now depreciated in favor of the most correct from the above list.


  • Template:R from Trainz2 - This template is used on redirect pages to eventually be deleted, that were ear-marked as split offs into a separate volume, now figured to be a false start... and gained nothing important but more complexity. Maintenance and redirects Auto-category is Trainz false starts.