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Above is the appearance in main namespace with no text added.

Above is the Default appearance with Lorem simulating a message in Main or article namespace, note the 'simulated text passed' message continues on the same line as the header line. So prefix with HTML break or hardbreaks as best suits your needs.


Place as top item in a Trainz Wikibook-How-to-edit tutorial, Template or Trainz Wikibook Project organization or tutorial page.  

Default message in Category namespaces

Appearance with default message in Template Namespaces


Control and optional Parameters:

  1. The 'inhibit' parameter suppresses message box generation but auto-categorizes the page. If expressed, that is ALL the template will do.
  2. The Admin=something asserts the autocategorization into Category:Trainz Admin.The 'noAdmin' or 'no' parameter instead suppresses the normal and usual auto-category declaration incorporating the page into Category:Trainz Admin. Then the template does no Auto-categorization and at least one must be defined on the page.
  3. The 'pipe' named parameter can be used as a 'auto-pipetrick override' to alter the category sort order from the default {{SUBPAGENAME}}
  4. The 'ns' parameter will replace the auto-namespace sensing, so change the output to the default message depending on which namespace contains the tag.
  5. The 'altmsg' named parameter takes a text string and presents that alternative message, replacing the two default messages which assert by namespace.
    1. Only Categories and Template namespaces currently sense spaces and have boilerplate messages. If adding the template to a page in those namespaces, place the template, and evaluate whether to override it or not. You can then cut and paste the boilerplate and customize it as seems appropriate in the altmsg definition.
    2. Defining ns=  causes the namespace message generation to be skipped, showing only the output 'co-msg' or 'message' parameters. After the text box 'main explaination' passed in by defining 'text' or '|1='.
    3. The bulleted part (namespace sensed) is programmable with the 'alt-msg' override parameter. (The linefeed and prefixed bullet are provided free of charge.)
  6. The default message is ANDED with either 'co-msg' or 'message' - both of which may be blank (undefined), so presents only a box template as shown here. (Template namespace message shown)
    1. If defined, the 'co-msg' will insert a break and hard break (line across) before displaying the co-msg. 'Co-msg' asserts over 'message ', which appends the '1 or text' parameters first displaying their text under the standard title line. (First line above in the box)
    2. The 'message' parameter will asuffix onto the namespace boilerplate text, or if 'ns' suppresses the canned messages, will present as the sole message without a leading bullet. To suppress the two boilerplate messages (category space or Template namespaces, define '|ns= ' which skips to the default (do nothing prefix text)