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Template documentation[edit] [history] [purge]
{{tlpad|template name}} or {{Tlspc|template name}}

A version of the template-linking Template:Tl that adds a little padding either side of the link Template:Tl creates, making it easier to see/click when the template linked has a short and/or lowercased name (such as Template:Tl itself, Template:Cl, etc):


See w:Template:tlpad for more verbose usage, other, examples and see also's!
Ported as an integral subtemplate, using {{void}} twice to bypass some of the usage here...
Just too many other templates used in this writeup for my time budget today! FrankB 14:34, 30 September 2014 (UTC)

Padding amount
By default, the padding added either side of the link is 0.15em. To set a different amount, insert it as a parameter before template name:
{{tlpad|left/right padding amount|template name}}