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This template provides standard boilerplate and standard formatting for the type of tables simulated below. Like the example, after the table, the html </div> statement must be added after the data:

Remember: Other common tags and usual containers (legal in all Kinds) are listed in the TrainzBaseSpec.  Each tag is show here in the following table with its default value, which will be assigned by CMP/CM when validating assets.  The TRS-supported's config.txt file supports the following tags.   Each TRS-supported asset supports the following tags.

Note: Each tag is shown here with its default value, meaning the value Trainz CM/CMP will insert should the tag be left undefined.

Simulated Table of values...

tag1                             value1
tag2                             value2
tag3                             value3
tag4                             value4
tag5                             value5
tag6                             value6
tagNN                            valueNN

This template acts as a formatting template for the many sections of adapted official reference pages with the title 'Supported Tags', which appears on virtually every such page.