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This is an auto-categorizing template with no other purpose than to save user typing and memory efforts to add a page in up to four Trainz categories. It's primary use is to list the tagged sub-sub-page into a maintenance category.
This template should be used to categorize all sub-sub-Pages of the Trainz wikis; In some contexts (Trainz references for example) it will be conditionally automatically included.

  • To suppress the auto-category define the 'inhibit' parameter.
It is used by adding the template {{TRS-SubSubPg|sorting-pipetrick}}
to auto-categorize pages to category:Trainz Sub-Sub-pages adding it alphanumerically sorted (by the pipetrick) to the list of sub-sub-pages located from other such declarations.
This schema is an administrative aid to making sure pages don't go orphaned, but creates a navigable list sectioned by page titles for the users to navigate.
  • Parameters 1, 2, or 3 may be given and will auto:prefix the word category: and colon to auto-form up to three other category links, letting one cut and paste line define up to four categories.