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This is the top or first of four in a set of sub-table elements for building three column class="Wikitable" Table with a lot of listed Data entry Row lines on pages expecting a lot of edit/adds--most by non-Wikibookians for the Trainz community at large.

  1. This table segment is the table declaration line and must be placed before all the contiguous data element containing the table information:
  2. next place Template: TRS-FA-Thdr element to begin the header of the local table after the beginning beginning table element.
  3. third place Template: TRS-FA-Te as many times as needed with the following information:
    1. {{TRS-FA-Te|Asset DLS name|Asset Kuid|Either a section link to How to Fix}} it's errors or the dependent asset which needs it, or the error message received.
    2. multiple errors can be placed in the third pass-parameter field by adding <br/> in between error lines.
    3. Error messages should be truncated to stay shortish, most have a key string of words which uniquely identify them.
    4. Please check Fixing Assets and make sure the error message is listed with local page search check or a google site search: ["site:en.wikibooks.org: "Your chosen error message snippet" and if necessary, append "Error: " so the site search find the section of the page Fixing Assets.

Intention is to create a page of corrections, for the complicated repairs only, details TBDL.

Note: This table element produces the code snippet following

{| class="wikitable" style="width:100%;" when rendered.