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The action of the TA template with no pass parameter is shown above. It forms a link to the OpSys TOC page.



This template forms an internal link to the Trainz/OpSys subpages of the Trainz Wikibook with unary placeholder parameter {{{1}}}, and incorporates an option to access a sub-sub-page given the optional 3rd default parameter: {{{3}}} as well allowing for as an optional pretty-link re-title parameter '2' allowing {{{2}}} and/or '|3=sub-page/' formatted link calls ... all forming the link and all links in the wikimarkup as:

  •   [[Trainz/OpSys/{{{3|}}}{{{1}}}|{{{p|{{{2|{{{1}}}}}}}}}]] 
  • Users unfamiliar with wiki-markup parameter parsing, just focus on {{{2}}} or '|2=text' overriding the presented text of the link,
  • and {{{3}}}/ or '|3=sub-sub-linktext/' giving a prefix to a sub-sub-page, so the subject page is:
[[Trainz/OpSys/{{{3}}}/{{{1}}} | {{{2}}}]], pipe-linked as {{{2}}}
if and when given, {{{3}}}/ MUST HAVE a trailing '/' to form a proper link.

  The observant and discerning reader will have noted the '| p=' for 'pretty parameter' overrides '2', as it does for most all Trainz link templates.   Example-1, expanded paste down:

This is because all template default parameters, formally 'numbered parameters' can also be specified like this:
 |1=Tips And Tricks
which in wiki-markup language is processed exactly
the same as {{TOS |Tips And Tricks |Tips }}. 


caution  When using a template such as this which forms a link, it is best to NOT use spaces between the pipe characters "|" as done for clarity above.

However... Spaces in the 'pretty-text' part are fine and dandy! Indulge yourself in clarity!

In-line Examples:

  • {{TOS|Tips And Tricks}} links as:
[[Trainz/OpSys/Tips And Tricks|Tips And Tricks]] and the other formulation:
[[/OpSys/Tips And Tricks|Tips And Tricks]] both would.
But... is much easier to edit around on a page when trying to get the best prose presentation.
  • Similarly:
{{TOS|Tips And Tricks|Tricks}} links as if the constructs:
[[Trainz/OpSys/Tips And Tricks|Tricks]] and
[[/OpSys/Tips And Tricks|Tricks]] which is perhaps part of the phrase you want.

Which do you think is easiest to look past in a paragraph filled with prose and multiple links?  

  • Sub-subpage links will mainly be needed in the forthcoming page-threaded series of tutorials such as the Programmed Instruction (Trainz A-Z) linked progressive skills building tutorials off their own sub-TOC base page.