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usage & purpose

This template is 'invisible' and intended for adding auto-categorization to Category:Trainz Basic Knowledge references and Category:Both Trainz fundamentals & refs as a Trainz Fundamental or Basic Knowledge page with a less long winded template call.

  • It conditionally will also add the page to Category:Introductory Trainz using:
    [[Category:Introductory Trainz|{{{sort|{{{1|{{SUBPAGENAME}} }}}}}}]] when and if parameter {{{IT|}}} is defined.
  • It's primary use is as a supplement to reference pages that should also be listed as a fundamentals page for ease of new user navigation.
  • It is a non-mbox form of auto-categorization templates.
  • It should not be used on non-terminology articles that cover in-depth technical data types such as KIND and container pages.