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{{{1}}} This ??? will be needed to write some cords in songs. You can put it on the exact place. Even when you will copy the Song by copy&past the cords will stay at the right place. ;Example :{{crd|C}} Alle meine Entchen {{crd|F}} schwimmen auf dem {{crd|C}} See {{crd|F}} schwimmen auf dem {{crd|C}} See :{{crd|F}} Köpfchen in das {{crd|C}} Wasser {{crd|G7}} Schwänzchen in die {{crd | C}} Höh'. Template:Crd Alle meine Entchen Template:Crd schwimmen auf dem Template:Crd See Template:Crd schwimmen auf dem Template:Crd See Template:Crd Köpfchen in das Template:Crd Wasser Template:Crd Schwänzchen in die Template:Crd Höh'. pay attention: you nees for every .... a ":" and a paragrap (?? return) that the lifted letters don't stay in the upper text... maby you can insert a {{crd| }} that the rows will have the same hight... You see, my English is not the best... please correct it. And for any discussions: the template have to stay in the root of the wikibooks and not in any books, because it is unbearable to write something like { { : myProjekt / myBook /guitar / template / crd | Cj7 } } vor only a simple Cj7 in a song.