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Non-CheckUser usage

Usage Code Output
Not blocked {{sockpuppeteer}}
Blocked, no evidence {{sockpuppeteer|blocked}}
Blocked for a specific amount of time, with evidence. {{sockpuppeteer|timeblocked}}
Proven without a sockpuppet investigation report {{sockpuppeteer|proven}}
Blocked with specific non-sockpuppet investigation evidence {{sockpuppeteer|blocked|evidence=[[Foo]]}}

Checkuser usage

Usage Code Output
Not blocked {{sockpuppeteer|checked=yes}}
Blocked {{sockpuppeteer|blocked|checked=yes}}
Checked using non-sockpuppet investigation evidence {{sockpuppeteer|blocked|checked=yes|evidence=[[Foo]]}}


This template adds pages to Category:Sockpuppeteers.

The template adds the __NOINDEX__ magic word.

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