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  • {{sockpuppet category}} - covers most cases
  • {{sockpuppet category|<Sock name>}} - for exceedingly long names or with unusual characters: the four characters [="&'] will need to be encoded as for example, &quot; or &amp; or &#39; see bug 16474)

This content template simplifies and standardizes the creation, categorization, description, and maintenance of sockpuppet categories. It will automatically detect the sockmaster name and whether the category lists suspected or confirmed sockpuppets from the page title.

If the template is used incorrectly, it will categorize the page to Pages that use the Sockpuppet category template incorrectly. These conditions will cause this error:

  • the template is used on a page with a title different than "Category:Sockpuppets of <username>" or "Category:Suspected sockpuppets of <username>".
  • excess parameters are supplied (parameter 1 is allowed for backwards compatibility and will override the category name)
  • The template is used on a non-category page.