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Usage[edit source]

Use this template on the ancestry page of a shelf in the Wikibooks Stacks; anything on the ancestry page other than the template call should be noincluded.

The name of the ancestry page is formed by appending suffix "/ancestry" to the name of the shelf page, thus Category:Shelf:shelf/ancestry.

One parameter is required:

  • ancestors — a wikilisp-formatted list of all ancestors of the shelf.

The ancestor relation is the closure of the parent relation supported by the shelf pages (see {{Shelf:Page}}). As with parents, ancestors may be shelves or departments.

When called with non-blank first unnamed parameter (with value other than ping), or when viewed from a non-ancestry page, this template provides its ancestors list, or, if the first unnamed parameter has value ping is non-blank, the template returns the pagename of the template itself, Template:Shelf:Ancestry. If viewed from an ancestry page (without overriding parameter), this template checks for problems with the associated shelf page and, if found, displays a notice explaining the problem and suggesting how to fix it, with buttons to perform likely remedial actions.

Internals[edit source]

This template itself determines which sort of information request is being made, and either provides information directly, or delegates the display function to {{Template:Shelf:Ancestry/display}}.

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