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Placing the {{programming language}} userbox template on your user page automatically lists you in the category system under the corresponding category so that other users may find you based on your skills. See below for details on the template's use as well as a list of the languages supported.

You can place a box around all your userboxes by putting {{userboxtop}} above them and {{userboxbottom}} below them, though the programming userboxes will automatically float to the right side of the page by default and need no box to enclose them.

Usage[edit source]

{{programming language|c|1}}

Copy and paste the example code above, and replace "c" with the desired language's code and "4" with one of the following characters representing your proficiency level:

Level Description
1 This user is a beginning coder in this language.
2 This user is an intermediate coder in this language.
3 This user is an advanced coder in this language.
4 This user is an expert coder in this language.

Customizing the format[edit source]

It is possible to customize the behavior and appearance of the template with the following override parameters (for example, {{programming language|c|1|align=left}}).

align Set the alignment on the page. Possible values are left, center, and right (default). This also sets appropriate clearing, so that the boxes will stack automatically in that position (you can override this with the "css-box" override below).
css-box Apply arbitrary CSS to the box.
css-left Apply arbitrary CSS to the left cell.
css-right Apply arbitrary CSS to the right (main) cell.
category Setting this parameter to empty (category=) displays the language box without categorizing the page. For the opposite effect—categorizing the page without displaying the box, see the {{Programming language/category}} template.

Languages supported[edit source]

See Wikibooks:Userboxes/Programming for a list of programming languages supported.