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{{precision/mini}} is very similar to {{precision}}, but the output range is only 0 to 6. Thus the functionality of {{precision/mini}} is a subset of the functionality of {{precision}} but the advantage is that the template code is much shorter. It is useful when one has to be cautious of template limits.


{{Precision/mini|111.12345678}} 6
{{Precision/mini|111.1234567}} 6
{{Precision/mini|111.123456}} 6
{{Precision/mini|111.12345}} 5
{{Precision/mini|111.1234}} 4
{{Precision/mini|111.123}} 3
{{Precision/mini|111.12}} 2
{{Precision/mini|111.1}} 1
{{Precision/mini|111}} 0
{{Precision/mini|110}} 0
{{Precision/mini|100}} 0
{{Precision/mini|111.10}} 2
{{Precision/mini|111.100}} 3
{{Precision/mini|111.1000}} 4