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Template to mark strings in the Proto-Indo-European language.

For post-PIE proto-languages use {{lang}} with the following ISO 639-2 language codes:

  • ine Indo-European (Other)
  • bat Baltic
  • cu Old Church Slavonic, sla Slavic
  • non Old Norse, ang Old English, got Gothic, xvn Vandalic, goh Old High German, frk Old Frankish, gem Germanic
  • sa Sanskrit, inc Indic
  • peo Old Persian, xme Medic, xbc Bactrian, xsc Scythian, ira Iranian
  • xum Umbrian, xve Venetic, xfa Faliscan
  • fro Old French, roa Romance
  • xlp Lepontic, xpi Pictish, xce Celtiberian, xcg Cisalpine Gaulish, xtg Transalpine Gaulish, xga Galatian, sga Old Irish, cel Celtic
  • xcl Classical Armenian
  • hit Hittite, xlu Cuneiform Luwian, xlc Lycian, xld Lydian
  • grc Ancient Greek, gmy Mycenaean
  • xmk Macedonian, xpg Phrygian, xdc Dacian
  • xto Tocharian A, txb B


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