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This template simply returns the passed parameter. It can be used to exclude word or lines in print versions, be it printing of the web page or rendering as a PDF. Common uses include hiding elements that make no sense in print such as: "Click the name of a town on the map for more details".

Where possible you can also use class="noprint" to any block element in order to hide that content from printing.


For simple usage where the text is a simple sentence or phrase:

{{noprint|text to be hidden}}

{{noprint|1=text to be hidden that uses an = sign}}

For usage where the content is of a more extensive nature such as a block based element, such as a table, or list of items.

* This is a list of items that should not appear in print because:
** It is administrative content unrelated to the content of the article..
** It is interactive navigation that does not make sense in a printed document.
** It is content that would not make sense in a printed document.

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