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This template adds books to Template:New.

Usage[edit source]

Put this template at the top of every new book. A book is "new" if it generally satisfies these requirements:

  1. If less than a month old, and this template has not previously been added to the book,
  2. If not categorized alphabetically and by subject,
  3. If the scope, audience and topics to cover are not yet defined, and/or
  4. If none of the current book contributors are reviewers yet.

Removing This Template[edit source]

This template helps to advertise a book and ensures it gets properly organized. In general, it is a good thing to keep this template on the book for as long as possible. Here are some reasons to remove this template from a book:

  1. If the template is on the book for more than two weeks,
  2. If more than 25 books are listed at Template:New, and this is one of the oldest books in that list, or
  3. If categorized, the book has reviewers, and the scope, audience and topics to be covered are defined.

When you remove this template from a book, make sure to evaluate it and tag the book with any cleanup templates that it needs. See Wikibooks:Templates for ideas about what cleanup templates exist and when to use them.

See also[edit source]

If this is not a new book, but is not properly categorized, use {{uncategorized}} instead.