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This template is designed to be passed to a navlist, which describes the organization of a book as documented at Template:Navlist/Doc. Its function is to identify the successor of {{PAGENAME}} in the book outline. The result generated prefixes {{BOOKNAME}} to the successor page entry as it occurs in the navlist; if no successor is found, nothing is generated. Looking forward in the list of pages from the current page, one or two blank entries may be skipped.

Some examples (see note on editing):

Description Code Result
module isn't in navlist {{Template:Navlist/Doc/A|=Template:Navlist/Map/Next page}}
module is last in navlist {{Template:Navlist/Doc/F|=Template:Navlist/Map/Next page}}
skip 1 {{Template:Navlist/Doc/D|=Template:Navlist/Map/Next page}} Navlist/Territory/East