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This template is designed to be called at the bottom of each module page of a book. It deduces the organization of the book from a navlist page; see Template:Navlist/Doc.

Optional named parameters {{{background}}} and {{{border}}} determine the colors of the background and border of the generated navbox, overriding the default colors determined by the navlist page (as described in the general documentation, linked above). Optional named parameter {{{navlist}}} specifies the navlist page; the default navlist page is Template:{{NAIVEBOOKNAME}}/Navlist, and if a parameter value is provided, the navlist page is assumed to be in mainspace unless another namespace is specified in the parameter value.

Some examples (see note on editing):

Module doesn't occur in navlist: {{Template:Navlist/Bottom|navlist=Template:Navlist/Doc/A}}


Module is last in navlist: {{Template:Navlist/Bottom|navlist=Template:Navlist/Doc/B|border=#cc0000}}


Module has successor in navlist: {{Template:Navlist/Bottom|navlist=Template:Navlist/Doc/D|background=#cccccc}}

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Module has subpages identified in navlist: {{Template:Navlist/Bottom|navlist=Template:Navlist/Doc/G|background=#cccccc}}