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This template is used for formatting subentries in Na'vi.


{{NaviSE}} accepts the same arguments, both positional and named, as {{NaviHW}}. It differs in how the entry is rendered and does not, by default, include an anchor for {{NaviSA}}.


The following examples demonstrate the use of {{NaviSE}}.

Wikitext Result
: protect, shelter
: {{NaviSE|n|tìhawnu|ipa=tɪ.ˈhaw.nu}} protection

<!-- more entries -->


hawnu v. /ˈhaw.nu/, infix h•awn•u

protect, shelter
tìhawnu n. /tɪ.ˈhaw.nu/ protection


See hawnu.
: beloved
: {{NaviSE|n|tìyawn|ipa=tɪ.ˈjawn}} love
: {{NaviSE|phrase|nga yawne lu oer}} I love you

yawne adj. /ˈjaw.nɛ/, attr. yawnea N. ayawne

tìyawn n. /tɪ.ˈjawn/ love
nga yawne lu oer I love you

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