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Evaluates and returns the maximum of a list of numeric values (with up to 3 parameters). The parameters can be numeric expressions that will be evaluated. Empty or missing parameters are ignored.

{{max | value1 | value2 | value3 }}
{{max|-7}} → -7
{{max|-7|}} → -7
{{max|-7|5}} → 5
{{max|-7|5|}} → 5
{{max|-7|5|8}} → 8
{{max|40*41|300+30}} → 1640
{{max|100+10|300+30|200+20}} → 330

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  • {{Max/2}} takes exactly two numeric parameters
  • {{Max/3}} takes exactly three numeric parameters
  • {{Max/4}} takes up to four optional parameters (ignores empty and non-numeric parameters)
  • {{Min}} - for a minimum value, used the same way.