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This template duplicates one by the same name on the TrainzOnline website, and is used for the same purpose, to connect technical matters to an older (foundational) source document.

  • This template uses the {{plain link}} template as a sub-template for link creation.

This template is used on Wikibook Trainz articles to link to the copyrighted materials on the online version of the TC3 (TBV v2.7 & V2.8) Content Creator's Guide. This is an excellent resource for newer Trainzers trying to get a picture of how digital modeling has evolved in Trainz releases, and gives may be needed for otherwise obscure hints as to how to update a coveted asset into a modern version.

An Example:

Make a link to: http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/CCG/Kind:_Engine Use {{MainCCG|Kind:_Engine|KIND ENGINE}}