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{{MSSQL ref|187745|int}}
{{MSSQL ref|bb=677335|datetime2}}


This template adds a reference to documentation of w:Microsoft SQL Server in MSDN. URLs in MSDN look like http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/msXXXXXX.aspx, where XXXXXX is a decimal number of an article, which might be succeeded with the suffixes:

  • no suffix — for articles relevant to latest stable version, i.e. 2008 (AKA 10.0).
  • %28SQL.90%29 — for articles on 2005 version (AKA 9.0)
  • %28SQL.100%29 — for articles on 2008 version (AKA 10.0) — currently redirects to "no suffix" URL
  • %28SQL.105%29 — for articles on 2008 R2 version (AKA 10.5)

Also, there are some non-English translations available, which is designated by adding language and region code (such as de-de, or zh-cn, before SQL.XXX), thus making URLs like ms

Article number is generally perceived between implementation versions, so it's recommended to just use raw decimal number as an argument for this template and thus we'll automatically reference most stable version in English.

A few articles in newer documentation (particularly for features that appeared in 2008 version) don't use msXXXXXX.aspx names, but instead might use bbXXXXXX.aspx — an invocation with named parameter bb should be used for these rare cases.

Documentation for older versions of SQL Server is still available in MSDN, but they don't share the article number and prefix, although they have suffixes with version numbers (like %28SQL.80%29). For example, these are the URLs for the same article in modern and old documentation: