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This Documentation sub-subpage is common text used in the usage (Template:documentation subpages) of several related templates (refer to whatlinks here). containing some common usage text boilerplate.
If it seems to you that it begins in the middle without a lede paragraph or two, take a pat on the back for being an astute observer with excellent observational and at least elementary reasoning skills.
 • This page is also documentation for the short space conservative TTip template.


  • Alternatively the 1= or |2= and |3= placeholder parameters are also active. These can be used to wrap a text element with for example, a 1=<div style="background:white;"> and 3=</div> so you might use an expanded call layout for clarity:
  |<div style="background:white;">     or  |1=<div style="background:white;">
  |''your text goes here''             or  |text=''your text goes here''
  |</div>                              or  |3=</div>

The actual pass argument evaluated is:

where |text=''your text'' has precedence over the evaluation of any {{{2}}} pass parameter.
Pragmatic note:
In general
parsing template text containing the equals sign: '=' and some other wikimarkup language operator characters (punctuation characters) need to have an explicit parameter to work properly. In such text, for example, the work around template '{{!}}' may be needed to display any pipe character ('|') needed as well, while the exclamation point works normally.
This text inside LeftBox with |small=1 using the |3='this text line' mode.

  Other Parameters:

The following is the actual styling code, and parameters should be obvious
style="clear:{{{clr|{{{clear|all}}}}}}; max-width:{{{MW|1440px}}};width:{{{W|90%}}}; <!--
--> font-family:{{#if:{{{family|{{{FFAM|}}}}}}|{{{family|{{{FFAM|}}}}}}; |Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman, Serif}};<!--
-->font-face: {{#if:{{{face|{{{FF|}}}}}}|{{{face|{{{FF|}}}}}}; |Garamond}};<!--
--> {{#if:{{{font-size|{{{FS|}}}}}}|font-size:{{{font-size|{{{FS|}}}}}}; |}}<!--
--> {{#if:{{{line-height|{{{LH|}}}}}}|line-height:{{{LH|{{{line-height|}}}}}}; |}}<!--
--> background:{{{BG|#fafafa}}}; color:{{{CO|#000000}}}<!--
-->margin:{{{M|{{{MT|5px}}} {{{MR|auto}}} {{{MB|5px}}} {{{ML|2px}}}}}}; <!--
-->padding:{{{P|{{{PT|2px}}} {{{PR|0}}} {{{PB|2px}}} {{{PL|0px}}}}}}; ">
The parameters in order of likely formatting fiddles
  • The | BG= option may be given to specify a different background color.
  • The | W= option may be given to adjust the width from default 90%.
  • The | MW= option may be given to adjust the max-width from 1440px. Specify MW=auto to allow the box to go margin to margin.
  • The | P= option may be given to change the padding from 0px 25px; s.a. a more space economical 'P=0 8px 0 1.2em;' or the like.
  • The | VA= option may be given to change HTML/CSS vertical-align:middle to bottom or top for text. The default is 'middle'.
  • The | BVA= option may be given to change HTML/CSS vertical-align:top to middle or bottom for the entire textbox. The default is 'top' so it floats up against other elements.
  • See | IVA= option below for images vertical-alignments.
  • The | clr= or |clear= options may be given to change the clearance to left or right so to float the template beside other table elements.
  • Default is 'left' so this template box will nest under any left elements
  • and float beside right hand elements such as images or right margin navigation text boxes.
  • Text may then flow around the elements and wrap in between Left and Right elements on a page frame. (Look at the left side of any Wikimedia page--most of the page is right floated beside it.)
Parameters with inheritance


  • The template now defaults to Serif font families, as being less often found on web pages, the contrast should emphasize your message. '|FF=' selects a specific font face, provided your user has it on his or her browser.
  • 'FFAM' or 'family' can be used to change the default Font-Family declaration.
  • 'LH or 'line-height' to scrunch lines closer and make the output more compact.


  • Individual margin and padding parameters are top, right, bottom, left respectively:
Individual margin settings: 'MT', 'MR', 'MB', and 'ML' and padding's: 'PT', 'PR', 'PB', and 'PL' respectively.
  • however, the definitions of 'margin' and 'M' have precedence and setting inside parameters will be moot if either is defined.
  • also, the definitions of 'padding' and 'P' will have precedence and setting inside parameters will be moot if either is defined.