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Purpose and usage

This page simplifies discussing book project categories by providing a short link by name only and a pretty-print output which can be controlled without long distracting direct links in prose that needs constructed and proofed.

  • It forms the simple link: [[Category:{{{1}}} |{{{1}}}]] sans any other parameters.


  • Define the parameter 'F' (for Full) anything to prefix 'Category' in front of the prettied up name, which as shown above, will otherwise appear just as the bare Title of the category name, which is the controlling pass parameter (i.e. |1 or {{{1}}} ).


  • Define the second placeholder parameter |2 ({{{2}}} or '2' ) to display different hyperlinked text as desired.
    When both 'F' and '2' are defined, '2' overrides and has precedence.