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Usage[edit source]

This template provides a quick shorthand for writing ruby characters in HTML.

The template takes three arguments,

{{ruby|<character>|<ruby>|<suffix>|<additional ruby>}}

When writing words consisting of multiple characters, you will have to evaluate where to best split the ruby markup up.


Markup Result
{{furi|犬|いぬ}} (いぬ)
{{ruby|食|た|べる}} ()べる
{{ruby|日本|にほん|}} 日本 (にほん)
{{ruby|家|いえ||house}} (いえ) [house]
{{ruby|飛|と|ぶ|fly}} () [fly]
{{ruby|のみ|||only}} のみ [only]
{{ruby|{{ruby|食|た|べ}}{{ruby|尽|つ|くす}}|||consume}} () ()くす [consume]

For writing Japanese furigana, please use {{furi}} instead.