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Uses, Limitations, Parameters and Options[edit source]

Uses[edit source]

Template name:Image1ontop Makes a three columned table and places the Table of Contents, (TOC), in it. Allows one text block and one image with a separate caption to be placed to its right, level with the top of the TOC. Saves space and looks better than the large expanse of white space which usually exists to the right of the TOC. The text block will start to wrap when it pushes the image to the right margin, and assumes that there is enough text to fill the vertical space.

Because the TOC text can vary and because the TOC has its own internal sizing algorithm, a widthleft option is provided to adjust the width of the leftmost cell, if necessary.

Note that the table can be placed anywhere on the page, so text could exist above it. To reduce any excessive gap between such text and the images, consider placing the template in-line with the end of the top text.

Limitations[edit source]

I cannot figure out how to fully manage the mind of the TOC so the widthleft option was found necessary to unwrap TOC entries on occasion.

Images vary in size so it is important to select images of about the right shape before scaling. Scale the images to an appropriate height to match the top text block, and/or the TOC. Remember that when testing this template in the sandbox you will need to type a few dummy headings there to generate a Table of Contents.

{{image1ontop|Text block here|[[Image:Hawthorn_blossom.jpg|300px]]|Image caption here}}

Parameters[edit source]

There are three parameters; 1=text block, 2=image code, and 3=Image caption.

Options[edit source]

width of the leftmost table cell, with the Table of Contents, (TOC).Default 180px.
text block alignment, defaults left; options; left,right,center, or justify