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This template creates a dynamic navigation box using style sheet declarations in MediaWiki:Common.css/Nav.css and JavaScript code in MediaWiki:Common.js/CollapsibleElements.js. It displays the first parameter (the heading) with a [show] link on the right. If [show] is clicked by the user, the second parameter (the body) is displayed below the heading and the [show] link becomes [hide]. Clicking on [hide] then hides the body again and the [hide] link becomes [show] again.

The template does not provide an argument to designate the initial state of the show/hide control. In the nested case, show/hide controls in hidden content retain their state. There is no facility for collapse all or reveal all.

Usage[edit source]

Only two parameters are required for this template:

text for header (or title); alternative to using unnamed parameter {{{1}}}
text for content (or body); alternative to using unnamed parameter {{{2}}}

Optional parameters[edit source]

add CSS to the main div.
add CSS to the header.
add CSS to the content box.
if anything is put in for this parameter the hidden box (and its contents) won't show up in the printed version.

Note: This template will not respect the user preference "justify paragraphs".

Examples[edit source]

The simplest[edit source]

In this example only the two required parameters are specified.

{{hidden|Title text here|Body text line 1<br/>Body text line 2}}
Title text here

Body text line 1
Body text line 2

Header background[edit source]

{{hidden|Title text here|Body text line 1<br/>Body text line 2|headerstyle=background:#ccccff|bodystyle=text-align:center}}
Title text here

Body text line 1
Body text line 2

CSS[edit source]

| style = border:1px dashed red; width: 50%;
| headerstyle = background: #ccccff; font-size: 110%;
| contentstyle = text-align: center; color:green;
| header = Title text here
| content = Body text line 1<br />Body text line 2<br />Body text line 3
Title text here

Body text line 1
Body text line 2
Body text line 3

Issues[edit source]

Sections[edit source]

Sections included inside a hidden block result in broken anchors in the table of contents at the top of the page.

You can't get here from the table of contents[edit source]

See also[edit source]