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Splash screen


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{{Geography of France/Splash screen
 |image1= <!--primary image-->
 |color= <!--color of text (default is white)-->
 |image2= <!--secondary image (optional)-->
 |border2= <!--if set to no will hide border of image2-->
 |header= <!--replaces "Splash screen" as title-->
 |background= <!--defaults to EEEEEE-->
 |width= <!--defaults to 50%-->

Without comments:

{{Geography of France/Splash screen

If you do not wish these splash screens you can hide them completely by adding

.geofrance-splashscreen {display: none !important}

to Special:MyPage/common.css or Special:MyPage/per book/Geography of France.css. For more information about how to do this see Wikipedia:User style.

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