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This template creates a vocabulary box for the project Freistil like the one shown below. The syntax is:

{{:Freistil/VocBox|right|250px|FFEEAA|FFCC55|der Geldschein, die Banknote|banknote|kursieren|(to) circulate|...}}

The first parameter is one of the values "right" or "left" and declares on which side of the text the box shall float; if left out, "right" is assumed. The second parameter sets the width of the box. The third paramater sets the background color of the box, the fourth one the darker color of the border. Note that the # must be left out for technical reasons. Each one of them can be left out, which leads to the standard box with background #FFEEAA and border color #FFCC55.

After these parameters there follow up to 25 words and their translations. If needed, this amount can be increased; in that case, contact the project via Discussion:Freistil. However, note that the box's title is "what's worth learning" and that the box should contain only few and important vocabulary. Use the in-context translation via Template:C to explain vocabulary of minor importance.

What's worth learning?
der Geldschein, die Banknote banknote
kursieren (to) circulate
der Geldautomat automated teller machine (ATM)
die Ursache cause