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p1 p2 result
Mixed (none) ccddcc
Mixed Unranked ccddcc
Native (none) ccddcc
Native Unranked ccddcc
Native Unvouchered ccddcc
Native Secure bbeebb
Native Likely secure bbeecc
Native Vulnerable bbeedd
Native Very vulnerable bbeeee
Native Rare bbeeee
Native Threatened bbddee
Native Endangered bbccee
Native Especially vulnerable bbccee
Native Possibly extirpated bbccee
Native Extirpated bbbbee
Native Likely extirpated bbbbee
Native No recent reports bbbbee
Native Introduced ddeebb
N. America native Unranked ddeebb
Introduced Canada native ddeebb
Introduced US South native ddeebb
Introduced Midwest native ddeebb
Introduced N. America native ddeebb
Introduced Impersistent eeeecc
Introduced Not naturalized eeeecc
Introduced No specimens eeeecc
Introduced (none) eeeebb
Introduced Invasive eeddbb
Introduced Somewhat invasive eeddbb
Introduced Widespread weed eeddbb
Introduced Moderately invasive eeddbb
Introduced Highly invasive eeccbb
Introduced Very highly invasive eebbbb
(none) (none) dddddd

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