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This template when placed on a page auto-categorizes a page to Category:Trainz pages needing attention and asserts a delimited hyperlink back to this notation.  

The purpose of the template is to subtly mark where the page has a notation about a need for further work, and list it in the general category of pages needing work.


  • This templates inclusion denotes a personal intent by user: Fabartus to get back to edit the page when time or further research permits. Pages tagged by this template will receive his personal attention somewhat earlier than pages placed in the Maintenance categories by other maintenance templates such as {{Trainz-stub}}, etc.

the template takes a priority sorting code as the 2nd parameter {{{2}}} which asserts as [[Category:Trainz pages needing attention|{{{2|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]], ahead of the pagename magic word. ‎