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This is the colour associated with anything to do with the Baza Radikaro Oficiala word list.


You can use this colour in as the background to table cells or anything else by doing something like style="background: {{Esperanto/colour baza-radikaro-oficiala}};".

This template is intended to be used in the Esperanto wikibook. The purpose of is twofold:

  1. First, it creates consistency throughout the book. So long as this colour is unique, anywhere it appears it will signify that the word or concept being discussed is either in the Baza Radikaro Oficiala, or somehow related to it. Even if it is not unique, it at least adds a visual cue.
  2. Second, it allows for consistency within individual pages. For example, in the word list you can highlight word entries with this template, then add a legend key that explains what the colours mean also using this template. Whenever you change the colour here, it changes everywhere, so that the legend key entry always matches the list colouring.