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Template:Editnotice load/core

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This is the {{editnotice load/core}} sub-template.

Do not use this template directly, use {{editnotice load}} instead.

This template is called from {{editnotice load}}. It holds parts of the code for {{editnotice load}}, while {{editnotice load}} does parameter preprocessing, thus simplifying the code.

This template is used by the editnotice system.

Technical details

This sub-template handles the loading of the group and page notices, and the links to them. This template currently expects these parameters:

{{editnotice load/core
| notice action = {{{notice action|}}}   <!--"view" or empty string-->
| group allowed = {{ns has subpages}}   <!--"yes" or empty string-->
| groupnotice =  <!--The possible group notice pagename-->
| pagenotice =  <!--The possible page notice pagename-->
| userpage =   <!--"yes" if a user editable userpage notice, else empty string-->
| ownuserpage =   <!--"yes" if the user is on his own 
                  user or user talk rootpage, else empty string-->

For more documentation see {{editnotice load}}.