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Please Read: Warnings and Disclaimers[edit]

  • Please read the Wikibooks General Disclaimer and Medical Disclaimer.
  • Never post any material which contains Private Health Information (PHI). This is not only wrong, it will probably expose the person posting PHI to criminal sanctions and other professional repurcussions. Please alert a system administrator if you see anything you suspect to be PHI. If in doubt, report it or remove it.
  • Plagiarism, breach of copyright, impersonation, and vandalism are not OK.
  • Do not use this textbook as a guide to treating yourself or anyone else! Don't use it as a guide to any health decisions. Consult your doctor, don't make decisons using this book. The information in this textbook can not be trusted for making medical decisions.
  • The information in this textbook can be edited by anyone, regardless of whether they are medically trained or not, regardless of whether they are providing good information or misleading information. The information in this textbook may be wrong! Using this information to make health decisions for yourself or anyone in your care may lead to death, disability, pain and suffering, or worse!
  • The material in this textbook has not been checked for accuracy or safety
  • This wikibook is intended to be a collaborative communication between physicians, nurses, physician assistants, paramedics, EMTs and other healthcare providers. It is not intended for the general public. It is under development and inevitably contains many errors and omissions.