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DSM-IV Direct Quotation

The material below is directly taken from the DSM-IV or the DSM-IV-TR and summarized for clarity. The material excludes the specific diagnostic texts, case summaries, and extended text of the entry, and is as short as possible. The DSM-IV is widely quoted and cited in this manner, and this usage falls under fair use.


The material cited above comes from the DSM-IV-TR, ©1995-2006, American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. The full text of the DSM-IV includes associated features, diagnostic tools based on culture, age, and gender features, prevalence, course, and familial pattern of mental disorders. It also covers diagnosis, treatment, and quality of care. The above cited material is a summary of a DSM-IV or DSM-IV-TR entry and should not be used for diagnostic purposes. The full text can be purchased here.