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Curlie at Curlie

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Function[edit source]

Link to Curlie categories and profiles.

Usage[edit source]

This template has two distinct formats for linking to Curlie categories and Curlie profiles.

Categories[edit source]

To link to a category, give the path to the category as the first parameter, and an optional name as the second parameter. If no name is provided, the template will use the name of the page.

{{Curlie|Path/To/Category|Category's name}}

Make sure to remove the curlie.org domain name and any leading or trailing slashes from the path; these will be provided by the template. For instance, the URI for Abraham Lincoln's Curlie category is:


so the path should be given as:



{{Curlie|Society/History/By_Region/North_America/United_States/Presidents/Lincoln,_Abraham|Abraham Lincoln}}

Appears as:

Abraham Lincoln at Curlie

Profiles[edit source]

To link to profile rather than a category, include the word 'user' as a third parameter.

{{Curlie|Your username|Your name|user}}


{{Curlie|skrenta|Rich Skrenta|user}}

Appears as:

Rich Skrenta at Curlie