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{{convert/{{{d}}}|{{{1}}}|||||||s=|r={{{r}}} |u=MMbbl |n=million barrels |l=million barrels |h=million-barrel |t=barrel (volume)#Oil_barrel |o=e6m3 |b=158987.294928


Template documentation[edit] [history] [purge]

Template:Convert/MMoilbbl was created to convert millions of barrels of oil, using industry symbol "MMbbl" (when abbr=on). Examples:

  • {{convert|6 |MMoilbbl}} → 6 million barrels (950×10^3 m3)
  • {{convert|44|MMoilbbl}} → 44 million barrels (7.0×10^6 m3)
  • {{convert|44|MMoilbbl|abbr=on}} → 44 MMbbl (7.0×10^6 m3)

Depending on the size of the amount in parameter {1}, the output will be displayed by either: e3m3 or e6m3 cubic meters. For other parameters, see Template:Convert.