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{{convert/{{{2}}}/AoffSoff|{{{1}}}|{{{3}}}|n={{{n}}}|l={{{n}}}s}} [ {{

convert/{{{4}}}|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}/AonSoff|{{{3}}}|{{{s}}}+{{{b}}}|r={{{r}}}|j={{{j}}}|d=Dual/Loff}} ]

Template documentation[edit] [history] [purge]

Template:Convert/Dual/LoffAoffDxSoff converts a range of numbers, while displaying custom separators around the output amounts. Examples:

  • {{convert|3|-|6|cm|ft|disp=x| long (or |)}} → 3–6 centimeters long (or 0.098–0.20 ft)
  • {{convert|4|-|7|km|mi|disp=x|, same as }} → 3–6 centimeters, same as 0.098–0.20 ft

This subtemplate is invoked from whichever range-word subtemplate is used, such as {{Convert/-}} or {{Convert/to}} (etc.) using the name "Dual/LoffAoffDxSoff" and passing parameters {6} & {7} as being parameters {5} & {6} here.