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    Syntax[edit source]

    {{collapsible list
     |framestyle = <!--(optional)-->
     |titlestyle = <!--(optional)-->
     |title = 
     |liststyle  = <!--(optional)-->
     | [1 = ]      <!--(First item in list; the "1 =" is usually optional)-->
     | [2 = ]      <!--(Second item in list; ditto)-->
     | [3 = ]      <!--(Third item in list; etc.)--->
     | ...
    Default state

    Specifying expand = true, or any non-blank value, will set the default state to expanded.


    A maximum of 50 items may be listed. Further items will be silently ignored.

    Examples[edit source]

    {{collapsible list 
     | title = [[w:European Free Trade Association|]] Members 
     | [[w:Iceland|]] 
     | [[w:Liechtenstein|]] 
     | [[w:Norway|]] 
     | [[w:Switzerland|]]

    Example of a list without borders because it's within an infobox[edit source]

    In these examples, the fields leader_name2 and leader_name3 have been changed to use collapsible list.

    City of Hamilton
    Motto: Together Aspire - Together Achieve
    Location in the province of Ontario, Canada
    Country Canada
    Province Ontario
    Incorporated June 9, 1846
     • Mayor Fred Eisenberger
     • City Council Hamilton
     • MPs
     • MPPs
    {{Infobox settlement
    |official_name     = City of Hamilton
    |leader_title      = [[w:Mayor|]]
    |leader_name       = [[w:Fred Eisenberger|]]
    |leader_title1     = [[w:City Council|]]
    |leader_name1      = [[w:Hamilton City Council|]]
    |leader_title2     = [[w:Member of Parliament (Canada)|MPs]]
    |leader_name2      =
     {{Collapsible list
      |framestyle=border:none; padding:0; <!--Hides borders and improves row spacing-->
      |title=List of MPs
      |1=[[w:Dean Allison|]] |2=[[w:Chris Charlton|]] |3=[[w:David Christopherson|]] |4=[[w:Wayne Marston|]] |5=[[w:David Sweet|]]
    |leader_title3     = [[w:Member of Provincial Parliament (Ontario)|MPPs]]
    |leader_name3      =
     {{Collapsible list
      |framestyle=border:none; padding:0; <!--as above-->
      |title=List of MPPs
      |1=[[w:Marie Bountrogianni|]] |2=[[w:Andrea Horwath|]] |3=[[w:Judy Marsales|]] |4=[[w:Ted McMeekin|]] |5=[[w:Jennifer Mossop|]]
    |established_title = [[w:Municipal corporation|Incorporated]]
    |established_date  = June 9, 1846