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{{Cocktails list entry}} is a template designed for use within the Bartending/Cocktails/Glossary subpages.


All attributes
{{Cocktails list entry
|name     = <!-- the name of the cocktail -->
|see      = <!-- enter the portion of the page name link under Bartending/Cocktails/<name> of the main entry -->
|see-link = <!-- use if the actual page name differs from the visible name entered under 'see' -->
|image    = <!-- only the filename with the extension; e.g. filename.jpg -->
|img-size = <!-- defaults to '100px', which generally is a good size for the list of cocktails -->
|ingr     = <!-- start a bulleted list on the next line -->
|descr    = <!-- a written description, especially important if there is no image -->
|method   = <!-- how you make the cocktail -->
|notes    = <!-- or 'notes' if you have more than one; for multiple, start a bulleted list on the next line -->
|iba      = <!-- IBA official cocktail: 'yes' for link or the numerical ID of the page on IBA's Website -->
|iba-link = <!-- if 'iba' is not 'yes', overrides default link to a specific page ID on IBA's Website -->
|iba-text = <!-- if 'iba' is not 'yes', the visible name for the link; defaults to 'Official Website' -->
|sources  = <!-- or 'source'; a comma separated list of reliable third-party sources: Website, books, etc -->
|see-also = <!-- enter one or more complete wikilinks or interwiki links to related pages or articles -->
|btg      = <!-- Bartending Guide entry; if set to 'yes', it defaults to Bartending/Cocktail/<name> -->
|books    = <!-- English Wikibooks page; no default value, so it must be a full page name -->
|wiki     = <!-- English Wikipedia article; if set to 'yes', uses the entry name for the article name -->
|media    = <!-- Wikimedia Commons category; if set to 'yes', uses the entry name for the cat name -->

Except for name, all the parameters are optional. However, an entry with nothing other than a name is completely useless. At a minimum, there should be a description (or the shorter descr) and/or a method. It also is very nice to include an image and ingredients (or the shorter ingr).

If there is a page in the Bartending Guide for the cocktail, then you must include it using the btg parameter or the books parameter (if it is stored somewhere other than under "Bartending/Cocktails/").

The parameters notes and sources both have singular names that are preferred if you only have a single note or source to add. Please correct this usage if you notice someone added or removed a note or source causing a mismatch in the entry.

Blank template with the most common options for copying and pasting
{{Cocktails list entry
|name     = 
|see      = 
|image    = 
|ingr     = 
|descr    = 
|method   = 
|notes    = 
|iba      = 
|sources  = 
|btg      = 
|wiki     = 
|media    = 

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