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[[w:{{{latin_name}}}|{{{latin_name}}}]] ({{{name}}})

Notes: 1) 'image width' defaults to 300px and affects all images selected.
          Any optional value given must end with 'px'. 
       2) Pipe shown below signifies the default value if the (optional) 
          parameter is left undefined.
       3) Parenthesised clarifications are not part of the parameter name.
  latin_name       = (top panel display)
  name (common)    =
  level            = Inserts a header before the table - a header is N equal signs
                     surrounding ''name''. That is, if level = 3, header will be
                     === {{{name}}} ===
                     If level is omitted, no header is included.

  image_width|300px= (affects all four possible image panels)
  Note: The definition of the image parameter acts as a switch to turn on
  handling logic for that image. 

  image 1          =
  caption 1        =

  range map        =
  range note|Range =

  image 2          =
  caption 2        =
  image 3          =
  caption 3        = 

  call             = (Audio link--> "[[Media:{{{call}}} ]]
  description      = (bottom text)