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This template generates the conventional name for the main template of the book associated with the current page; this is also conventionally a prefix for the names of the book's other templates. As of this writing, this name is Template:{{BOOKNAME}}.

Usage[edit source]

Simply place {{BOOKTEMPLATE}} on a page to get the output. To call the template, use {{{{BOOKTEMPLATE}}|...}}. To call a subtemplate Foo, use {{{{BOOKTEMPLATE}}/Foo|...}}.

Optionally specify a page as a parameter to see the output for a different page than the current one.

{{BOOKTEMPLATE|<full pagename>}}

Examples[edit source]

page where called result
Taxi Tongue/Dialogue 4

Template:Taxi Tongue







Wikijunior talk:Bugs/Shield Bug




Category:Book:Wikijunior:Solar System/Templates

Template:Wikijunior:Solar System

Template:Wikijunior:Solar System/coolfacts

Template:Wikijunior:Solar System

User:Pi zero/Conlang/Beginner/Sounds

Template:User:Pi zero/Conlang

User:Pi zero/sandbox/Conlang/Beginner/Sounds

Template:User:Pi zero/sandbox/Conlang

Category:User:Pi zero/sandbox/Conlang/Beginner/Sounds

Template:User:Pi zero/sandbox/Conlang

Template:User:Pi zero/sandbox/Conlang/Beginner/Sounds

Template:User:Pi zero/sandbox/Conlang

Shelf:Physical sciences

Template:Wikibooks Stacks


Template:Wikibooks Stacks


Template:Wikibooks Stacks

See also[edit source]

  • {{BOOKNAME}} — deduces full root name of book associated with the current page.
  • {{BOOKPAGENAME}} — deduces the part of page name after name of associated book.
  • {{BOOKSORTKEY}} — deduces usual sort key for use in book categories.
  • {{BOOKCATEGORY}} — deduces full root name for categories of book associated with the current page.
  • {{BOOKTALKNAME}} — deduces main talk page name of book associated with the current page.
  • {{CHAPTERNAME}} — deduces first field of page name after the book name.
  • {{NAIVEBOOKNAME}} — page name without subpages and retaining the namespace.
  • {{SUBJECTNAME}} — deduces full root name of subject associated with the current page.
  • {{SUBJECTCATEGORY}} — deduces full root name of subject-category associated with the current page.